Working with Tables in Meridian

Meridian tables can be created and managed to use SQL Compact or Microsoft Access databases. The registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cyco\AutoManager Meridian\CurrentVersion\Server\TablesDB (Refer to Figure 1). When this value is set to 0, Meridian will look into a Microsoft Access Table for values. When this value is set to 1, Meridian will look into a SQL Compact Table for values. Once established, these tables can be created and managed from within the Meridian Configurator tool.

Tables within Meridian can be used for many useful functions, such as drop-down lists, property associations, workflow designations, and document classifications; the opportunities are endless. The organization of data will help with the standardization and organization of the documents within your vault.


Figure 1 – Registry Key for table management


Figure 2 – Table management within Meridian Configurator tool


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Think Electronic Document Management System First

Every organization has tons of paper and electronic documents in various states: hard copies, electronic scans, raster images, pdf sets, duplicates, etc. When considering implementing a document management system, it seems like scanning the paper files and organizing the electronic files often appears to be the issue that takes priority instead of setting up an electronic document management system first. The thinking often is, “we have to get everything scanned and organized before we get a system.” (more…)

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Meridian Metadata Synchronization

This post expands on the AutoCAD Attribute Synchronization blog entry posted by Jeremy Clay on Oct 20, 2021.

Meridian users can benefit from automated metadata synchronization to and/or from documents managed by AutoCAD and several other applications, including Inventor and Revit. The list of supported applications is not limited to Autodesk products but also includes Microsoft Office, MicroStation, SOLIDWORKS, and IBM Lotus Notes.

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AutoCAD Attribute Synchronization

Meridian users can save time and increase data accuracy by leveraging the AutoCAD attribute synchronization features. This feature allows data to be pulled into the Meridian metadata fields directly from linked attributes within an AutoCAD block. Not only can data be pulled into Meridian, but data can also be pushed from the Meridian metadata into AutoCAD attributes without even opening the document. This synchronization of data can be manually executed, or it can be triggered by specific Meridian events. This functionality promotes data accuracy and can help increase a user’s productivity.


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